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Peer-to-Peer Review Technical/Cultural Advisory Committee

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After you submit your proposal, your team lead will be required to participate in the Peer-to-Peer Review process. During Peer-to-Peer Review, each team lead will score and comment on five applications from other teams, using four criteria included in the trait-scoring rubric: relevant, visible, feasible, and compelling. This is the same trait-scoring rubric that the Selection Committee will use.

Scores will be calculated using a normalization algorithm that ensures a level playing field for everyone. In addition to scoring each application on the four criteria found in the trait-scoring rubric, Peer-to-Peer Reviewers will also provide a final numerical score, ranging between 0-100, representing an overall assessment of quality for the entire application. We ask that you carefully review the applications assigned to you and provide meaningful feedback.

The Peer-to-Peer Review will result in a rank order of all valid applications. Informed by this rank order, the top scoring applications will be reviewed by the Technical/Cultural Advisory Committee (TCAC).

The Technical/Cultural Advisory Committee (TCAC) will review the top-scoring applications to ensure cultural appropriateness and determine how well the project incorporates the link to the Hohokam history that brought water to our region. Applicants who pass the Technical/Cultural review will be named as Finalists and advance to the Selection Committee.

Using the trait-scoring rubric, the Selection Committee members will score and comment on each of the Finalists’ applications. These applications will receive an additional five sets of reviews that have been statistically normalized. Based on the Selection Committee review, five Winners will be determined.