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Propose your temporary public art projects that build connectivity between cultures through creative expression.

The New Arizona Prize: Water Public Art Challenge will award $50,000 to each of the top five teams whose proposed temporary public art project successfully builds connections between different cultures through creative expression. By honoring the ingenuity of the Hohokam’s traditions and their influence within the Valley of the Sun, collaborative teams are invited to propose public art projects that inspire and educate the community about the systems and innovations that have enabled our region to be sustainable. The theme of each public art project must reflect the prehistoric legacy of the ancient Hohokam culture offering today’s desert dwellers and visitors a better understanding of the region’s irrigation engineering and agricultural achievements.

Please read all of the application requirements before completing each section. It is expected your application will be in English, however, your video may be in another language as long as English subtitles are included. Portions of your application, including the Title of Your Art Piece, Executive Summary, Project Visuals, and Video, may be published on this website or shared with the public; the remainder of your application will only be viewed by prize administrators and evaluators.

Be sure to review your application as the reviewers will see it and confirm all of your changes have been saved. When you have completed all of the requirements, a message will be displayed on the screen. At that point, you can submit your final application. Once you have submitted the application, you will no longer be able to make changes.

You must submit your application no later than Thursday, August 30, 2018, at 5:00 PM Pacific.

A. Introduction

Title of Your Art Piece (5 words)

Please provide a title for your proposed art piece. This title may be displayed on the competition website post-submission so please be descriptive.

Executive Summary (75 words)

Provide a summary of your proposed public art project. Focus on delivering a compelling overview that engages the reviewer. Your Executive Summary, along with other portions of your submission, may be extracted from the application and shared publicly. Therefore, your Executive Summary should not require any other context to explain clearly what your team is offering. This is your opportunity to make a strong first impression.

B. About Your Team

The following information is required in order to capture a basic understanding of the leadership, structure, vision, and capabilities of your team. Eligible participants may include a team of individuals, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and governmental/tribal entities. Each team must include an artist/arts organization and someone who has authority over a public or private space to be used for the artwork.

Your Team Structure

Your Organization or Team Name (10 words)

Please provide the name of your organization. If you are applying as a team of individuals, provide a short descriptive name.

Point of Contact

While one person may be a member of or adviser to multiple teams, each team’s Point of Contact must be unique and no one person can serve as the Point of Contact for more than one team. While the Point of Contact’s organization may be responsible for sharing resources with other partners, s/he must have a working knowledge of the roles of each partner and must be authorized to speak on behalf of those partners. If your team does not use formal titles, then the Point of Contact may simply indicate the “team leader.”

Team Structure (150 words)

Describe the structure of your team. Team members must collaborate and propose a temporary public art project that seeks to build connectivity between different cultures through creative expression. The theme of each project must reflect the prehistoric legacy of the ancient Hohokam culture, offering a better understanding of the region’s irrigation engineering and agricultural achievements. How will the structure of your team contribute to your success in inspiring and educating your community?

How Was Your Team Formed? (150 words)

Please explain how your team was formed, describing how the leaders came together and under what circumstances the most critical partners agreed jointly to collaborate. Emphasize where any longstanding relationships may imply stability and strength among the partners, and showcase as necessary where new relationships have emerged and under what conditions any new partners agreed to participate.

Arts Representative (100 words)

Each submission to the New Arizona Prize: Water Public Art Challenge must include an individual who is an artist or represents an arts organization. Briefly describe the person on your team who meets this eligibility requirement. If the individual represents an arts organization, please also describe the artist who will be leading the creative process.  

Authority Over Physical Space (100 words)

Each submission to the New Arizona Prize: Water Public Art Challenge must have authority over the public or private space where your team plans to execute your public art project. Please provide the physical location and/or address of where you would install your art project. Briefly describe the specific authority your team has in implementing your project in this public or private space. 

C. Your Project

Here’s your opportunity to provide the details of your proposed art project to the Water Public Art Challenge. Your proposed project should be a temporary art installation located in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding communities (Valley of the Sun). Be sure to emphasize how your proposed public art project aligns with the four traits that will be used to assess each valid application (see Trait Scoring Rubric). 

Project Narrative (250 words)

Earlier, you provided a brief executive summary of your project. Now, describe your proposed temporary public art project in more detail. What type of project are you proposing and what medium will be used? How will it inspire and educate the local community?

Project Visuals

In addition to your narrative description, please also provide a visual representation of your idea. This may include a literal representation or collage of what your team proposes to share with the public. Please select an image that best represents your idea as this image may be shared publicly as part of a showcase post-submission. You may upload a single jpg, png, or pdf file.

D. Local Significance

The Water Public Art Challenge encourages the storytelling aspect and education opportunity afforded by public art while emphasizing the historical significance of the Huhugam contributions to our present-day existence (for more details, visit the Resources page). Hohokam culture offers a foundation for understanding the history of engineering, architecture, technology, art, and trade in the Valley of the Sun.

Cultural Relevence (200 words)

Please describe how your proposed public art project honors the ingenuity of the Hohokam’s traditions and their influence within the Valley of the Sun. How will you inspire and educate the community about the systems and innovations that have enabled the region to remain sustainable?

Connection to Water Systems (150 words)

In addition to Hohokam culture, how does your proposed art project help encourage a better understanding of the region’s irrigation engineering and agricultural achievements in a more contemporary context? Your team may consider installing your project along or near local water systems. If your project is connected to infrastructure that supports local water systems, please describe this connection.

E. Community Engagement

Public art is experienced and appreciated by many different groups of people in many different ways. Explain how your team has thought about how you expect the local community will engage with your project. 

Target Audience (150 words)

Please describe your target audience. How will your proposed art project impact your target audience? Do you anticipate any shift of perception to occur because of your project? 

Letters of Endorsement/Support

We request you provide letters of endorsement from local leaders who represent the community where your art project would be implemented. You may also consider including recommendation letters from constituents, supporters, advocates, advisors, etc. who can help your team inspire and spark action within your community. The purpose of this is to help demonstrate you’ve engaged with your community and your proposed project will be positively received. You may include as many letters as you’d like but please merge recommendation letter(s) into one single PDF file. 

F. Your Project Plan and Budget

 While the information provided in the previous section is intended to reveal strategic and practical information about your art project, we also require other information necessary for evaluators to understand the feasibility and financial sustainability of your project. 

Project Milestones

Describe using the below table the milestones and timeline needed to create and implement your proposed public art project. 

Project Plan Narrative (150 words)

Provide a narrative description of your milestones and timeline, clarifying any items that may need further explanation.

De-installation Plans (150 words)

The Water Public Art Challenge asks you to propose a temporary art installation and we also need to understand how you would remove your public art project. The Arizona Community Foundation and challenge partners may choose to support the permanent installation of your project, but this is not guaranteed. Explain how you would take down your proposed project and please represent these costs in your budget. 

Project Risk Management (150 words)

Please describe any threats to the proposed solution and your plan to address them. While every project plan is different, we expect you to raise all assumptions of risk and address how you intend to manage it.

Budget Narrative (150 words)

Please offer a general overview for how you would use $50,000, if you received a grant award. This Budget Narrative should complement your project milestones.

Budget Requirements

What are the detailed costs to implement the proposed project within your specified duration? This includes capital expenditures and operational expenditures. Please list and describe each cost category in the following table. Your total project cost should not exceed $50,000. 

Other Considerations (150 words)

We want to provide a final opportunity for your team to raise any other considerations. This is your opportunity to emphasize or expand on a previous point or to provide any new information not previously required.

G. Your Video Pitch

You are required to submit a video presentation that captures your own pitch for why your proposed public art project should be funded. You will upload a short digital film using YouTube. Set the Privacy Settings on your video to Public or Unlisted; do not set them to Private. Your video may be extracted from your submission and made available to the public. Please appeal to a broad audience. Video submissions should follow these guidelines:

Video submissions that do not follow these guidelines may be removed from the application. Here are some logistical and technical suggestions:

Here are general suggestions for delivering a high-quality video pitch:

Hone your content: